Productivity and engagement is a two-way conversation!

Are you doing your bit?

Have you created the best environment for your staff to be optimally productive?

Are your staff bringing their best selves to work?


 Or is there room for Pot3ntial Change?

Pot3ntial works with organisations, primarily through existing teams by

  • working with their Business Outcomes and Culture to an agreed/publishable “why?” statement
  • ensuring Business Strategy is clear and sharable, translated into key procesess/people behaviours and risk/reward decision-making for optimal productivity
  • focusing on change readiness, making change happen and making it stick

“We are in business to make the most positive change on the largest number of people”


At Pot3ntial we help you clarify and share key Outcomes so that colleagues and staff can align easily:

  • desired success for the business and it’s staff in the next 12 and 36 months starting with “why?”
  • implications for the journey from ‘here’ to ‘there’ including valued behaviours, for the teams and individuals
  • useful measures allowing celebration of progress and re-planning, targeted improvement when needed
  • plans to develop skills and capabilities, essential for the journey
Within the plan for your journey there will be elements of:
  •  process and continuous improvement/learning culture
  • best practice and how to capture and share it
  • roles and responsibilities along with Hiring on Character, to name a few
We work with a key team to:
  •  assess and improve understanding of strategy translated into their decision-making and behaviours as a team (a driver of productivity)
  • assess their change readiness and commitment to the plan
  • find preferred quick-and longer-term wins that allows us to drive the desired change by sharing progress and success
We also work with your staff to help them “bring their best selves to work”, by asking the questions:
  •  what things do you do ‘to be the best you can be’?
  • what permanent improvements would you like to make?
  • how is your time away from work affecting your time at work?

“We believe as individuals we should start with the aim to make the most of life, be happy and responsible for our choices.   It’s all life – talk of a ‘work-life balance’ suggests perhaps we’re different people at home and work or that it’s a binary choice

In practice there’s much more to balance out so we use 6 life dimensions to help individuals assess and make choices about time, priorities and goals.  Sometimes a ‘better self at work’ is reached by managers investing time and caring about an individual’s life outside work in practical ways.” 

At Pot3ntial Change we understand how each dimension can impact your physical and mental wellbeing.  We bring practical steps for individuals to build a healthier life built on self awareness, knowledge, good habits and small, frequent corrections.

We find this helps individuals and then teams think more about their potential and take steps to realise it.  New possibilities and enthusiasm for change – that can only be good, right?

Know us, know our Values!

“To Have The Greatest Positive Impact On The Most Amount Of People”

  • Values

Excellence – Strive to do better, standing still means falling back

Integrity – Be honest, starting with yourself – tell the truth

Self discipline – Resist the easy option, commit!

Humility – Respect the rights, diversity and contribution of others

Who are we?

Ross adds Value from his life and work as a Performance Consultant

  • Ross focuses on personal benefits to body, mind and achievement based on his experience with high performance sport, as a qualified teacher of PE and a member of the Royal Marine Commandos
  • Ross played semi-professional basketball whilst studying at university, then competed in 3 Triathlon World Championships, as well as numerous half and full Iron Man distance races, drawing upon a range of learned mental, physical and dietary skills
  • Most recently Ross designed a wellness framework and then co-authored a nationally rolled out Wellness initiative. The initiative is currently implemented in more than 6000 schools nationally

Frank adds value using years of Management Consultancy experience

  • Frank has 25 years’ experience as a consultant and 10 as a line manager, and designs and delivers projects and change programs. He works well in multi-cultural and pressured environments and is used to helping overcome challenges created by work/life and other imbalances
  • He worked 5 years with Cummins Inc, and before that over 20 years in private sector consultancy working in the UK, Europe and United States with blue-chip and global companies, for KPMG, PwC and Price Waterhouse management consultants
  • Frank specialises in business transformation allied to performance improvement, performance management and costing
  • He has delivered operational due diligence for private equity houses
  • Frank has designed and delivered projects on many different areas including:
    – Strategy definition and alignment using KPIs and shareholder value
    – Cost reduction, performance improvement and process re-engineering
  • Frank has led teams in manufacturing, aerospace and defence, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, financial services and utilities sectors