What does Foundation 10 look like?


Teachers, Students

Are you getting the time to eat and drink properly? Start F10 and we will help you plan and act with you and basic essentials higher up the list.


Serving and X Military

In or out, the demands you place on yourself are high. Let us help you manage your day, setting time aside for yourself. You and the people close to you benefit.


Office workers

Back-back meetings, lunch at your desk, doing the work of 1.5 or 2? We help you manage pressure better, put yourself up the list and increase your productivity with F10.


Doctors and Nurses

Putting everyone else first, until in the end you are the one that needs a doctor? Prioritise yourself more with F10, stay well so you continue being valuable to your patients.

A Daily Foundation is essential

"Most of us spend too much time on what is urgent and not enough on what is important"

Stephen R Covey

Our Foundation 10 program is designed to be tailored by you – it creates a base of awareness, helps you create success from small, frequent actions and builds a habit that brings results, some unexpected.    It builds a Foundation that allows you to reach full potential at every stage of your life.  All this, starting with just 10 minutes a day?  Don’t take our word for it, read what our clients say:

This is the heading

People actually stopped me and said:
"Something is different about you, you look happier and more confident"

This is the heading

I physically felt "more positive and wanted to make a change" I have never "slept better" and I even had a "few exercise Personal Bests, including my 10km run time"

This is the heading

I felt "more confident and positive and could not wait to make some changes", I was "more focused, positive and engaged"

Plan and Commit to 10 mins..or lose them!

"Action expresses priorities"

Mahatma Ghandi

We start out with the best intentions but life gets in the way – we end up low down or last on the list. We help you understand your brain, how habits work and get you to plan when to do Foundation 10 each day so that step by step, day by day you build self awareness, take actions and see steady improvement.

Unless you plan “time for self” into your day, then family, work or less essential things will tend to take it – or you’ll get less value from it.

Surely we can all commit to just 10 minutes a day on ourself – just 1% of a “16 hours awake” day?

Commitment means turning up whether we feel like it or not – and some days we all don’t feel like it.

“Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans” Peter F Drucker

Modern life is busy, we understand.  Plan time in for yourself, commit to it or most likely you’ll lose it

We offer a chance to create new, good habits and break some old, poor habits.

These changes come from just a few minutes a day, raising self awareness translated into practical actions as well as improved understanding of how your mind works so you can manage it, bit by bit, better than now.

We set this up for you in our Foundation 10 package which involves Time spent:

  • reflecting
  • journaling
  • exercising
  • being grateful

These all contribute to setting you on the path to sustainable, improved performance.

Make a Great Habit

"Depending on what they are our habits will either make or break us"

Sean Covey

In addition we give you tips/lifehacks designed to help you get more of the basics:

  • Longer and better sleep
  • Effective nutrition and hydration even at work
  • Creating and using de-stress moments
  • Effective exercise
  • Greater sense of wellbeing and safety

F10 - the first step

We know you’ve got choices on where you spend your money and your time – why not reallocate £10 a month on yourself?

A monthly subscription (including your F10 program) buys:

Access to Pot3ntial Change coaches

Weekly plan of action personalised to you and your goals

Weekly personalised tasks, provided in response to your answers to the Pot3ntial questions you will complete

Interaction with the Pot3ntial Change team via email to get the most information out of you. The better your response and the more information you share as a user, the greater the response provided by the team

Online access to closed Facebook and WhatsApp groups

Access to live Seminars  

The Next Level

"Excellence is an art won by training habituation"


If you commit to 10 mins a day, we believe you are more than capable of reaching the next level for you, using our Foundation and:

  • Sleeping and Eating/Drinking better
  • Feeling ‘safer’ or more in control at work and in home life
  • Having a positive presence through the day that others notice
  • Managing yourself more consistently, regardless of life events
  • Achieving results so that success encourages you to continue your “journey”using our tools in future months

Commit to making Change Happen and Stick

"You'll never change your life until you change something you do daily"

John C Maxwell


We have a 6 week program where you commit to:

  • 10 mins a day, every day
  • mentally giving that time your best effort – being a “person that shows up” whether you feel like it or not
  • £10 for this initial 4 week program (20% discount on usual £12.50) – moving on to £15 a month (ongoing)

…and we commit to help you:

  • deliver a baseline assessment of where you are (and want to be)
  • build your Foundation starting with just 10 minutes a day
  • understand why it’s hard to make and break habits and give you key tips that can make the difference
  • feel more positive about the actions you’re taking and successes you’re achieving